Customers at the heart of our business model

Our aim is to respond to customers’ needs.

We engage in all work processes, from design and production to distribution, with strict adherence to Inditex’s sustainability model.

Our business structure, which includes commercial brands and corporate departments, is focused on offering fashion products of the highest quality through flexible organization and a strong emphasis on our customers in all areas of activity – from design, provisioning, quality control and manufacturing to sale, logistics and distribution.

We offer quality fashion to customers on the five continents

This stage is accompanied by an effective logistics system based in Spain which takes new products to all of the Group’s stores twice a week, making it possible to fulfil our aim of offering quality fashion to customers on the five continents.

This total dedication to customers means that Tempe has to respond rapidly to the demands of the market.

Specialization and vertical integration allows us to offer short turnaround times and great flexibility. Teamwork and collaboration between different areas and departments contribute to the development and strengthening of synergies.

This system promotes proactivity, innovation and efficient decision making throughout the company. By working in this way, we can increase the speed with which we respond to the demands of the fashion market.